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Skills Strategy UI/UX Objective-C

Location Portland OR | Denmark

We worked with independent publishing vanguard Kinfolk Magazine at the very beginning to bring their publication as a digital exclusive to the iPad. In 2011 it was the very first fully bespoke, fully interactive, designed specifically for the iPad, independent publication brought to the iPad. We produced Vol 2, 3 and 4 before they moved to a web based subscription model.

Kinfolk Volume 4 reached #1 on the Apple App Store in 14 countries.



"Still others are pushing the envelope even further. Kinfolk Magazine's luminous iPad app complements its quarterly books about small gatherings by encouraging readers to experience the content in a way unique to a tablet device. Whether swiping down for a peak at an intimate dinner by a freezing lake or rearranging the layout and size of photos of a salty dinner of buttered clams and beer in Maritime Canada, readers have never been able to personalize content like this before."

"The fourth issue of Kinfolk came out on iPad the other day and I’ve finally got it downloaded. I know I’ve talked about it quite a bit in previous posts, but Kinfolk truly is the most delightful app/magazine. It takes a lot for me to give an iPad app a rave review, but this one has it; beautiful images, fascinating and intuitive navigation which makes good use of the iPad’s touch/swipe functionality, and a simplistic but thoughtful design. Videos play seamlessly, the text is clean and crisp, and the subject matter is lovely for anyone who enjoys cooking/hipsters/photography/living simply. Kinfolk has an aura about it that is so restful; I love curling up with each issue and unraveling the digital magazine, all the while being transported to an idyllic, restorative place."


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perfectly lovely

by baizzang12 - Version 1.2 - Aug 21, 2014 USA

almost perfect for iPad air. flawless for retina display and the contents, needless to say, are beautiful and reminiscent of my childhood. Lovely lovely app for iPad air.

Beautiful magazine

by LeighBCD - Version 1.2 - Jan 19, 2013 USA

Really lovely magazine, the iPad version is great, interesting articles and photographs. Please continue with more iPad versions so those of us based outside of the US can continue to enjoy it

Amazing photography

by DevsignerDan - Version 1.2 - Jul 6, 2013 USA

Jul 6, 2013 Kinfolk has amazing (and enviable) photography that captures emotion and scene like few other magazines. The digital version has a simple and effective experience where the technology does not interfere with the writing and imagery.

The best


by Ann 11 - Version 1.0 - Jun 11, 2013 Russia

It's very beautiful and lovely magazine with really great articles and amazing pics! Love it! Thanks for making it!

Just amazing !!


by Valentin Chenaille - Version 1.0 - Nov 27, 2012 France

+++++++ Amazing, and a lovely iPad Mag


by Patricio Brito - Version 1.0 - Jul 18, 2012 Portugal

It's a beautiful magazine, with a clean and minimalist design, and reflects a strong sensibility in the treatment of the various articles. Perhaps, the most lovely magazine i discovered in the App Store.


Invites and Inspires

★★★★★ by havi.echenberg - Version 1.0 - Feb 6, 2012 Canada

This magazine invites both reflection and hospitality, inspiring the kind of small gatherings it promotes. And it's visually stunning to boot.

Interior architect

by Florious - Version 1.0 - Jan 28, 2012 Norway

Beautiful and full of inspiration. -the best things in life is in it!

Beautiful App


by Katriniella - Version 1.0 - Dec 14, 2011 USA

This app is what the iPad was made for: beautiful photos, easy-to-use interface, and gorgeous content. I love it.



by dlbisch - Dec 14, 2011

I could not be more pleased with this new Kinfolk app. I love everything they are doing with the magazine. Surprisingly the pictures are sill very quality and the content is very easy to read. Of course the actual magazine is a must have, but the app is a great alternative for a good read on the road. I highly recommend Kinfolk Magazine and this app!