Acid House Kings

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Location Sweden

Released in 2011, this is still one of our very favorite projects. LacknerBuckingham collaborated with Labrador Records, and the Acid House Kings to produce an enhanced musical experience for the iPad, "Music Sounds Better With You". We remember the days when bringing home the latest record from our favorite band had a real sense of discovery. The cover, liner notes, posters, postcards -- you never knew what was going to be inside when you peeled off the cellophane. Our goal for this immersive, interactive album experience is to bring back that same feeling of discovery, using the latest combination of interactive technology, CD quality audio and unique mobility that only the iPad has to offer. Plug in, sit back and enjoy the music. It sounds better with you. Anywhere.




On Sept. 26, 2011 PADGAGET said;

This app is the first I have seen that promises to offer fans a window into the band when it reaches the listener. The all but extinct art of creating liner notes could even return if more artists choose to adopt the app as a mode of album distribution.

This app is exciting not only because of the quality of its design and included music, but because albums as apps promise to give fans back the additional heft that the listening to music lots as vinyl ceded to cassettes and CDs, and ultimately to digital files. While digital music files offer tremendous convenience for the listener, they rob fans of easy access to lyrics, large scale artwork, and the sense that the band has created a tangible work.

Album apps also have potential to reinvigorate the music business, as another method for bands to reach fans. Rarities or live concert clips could be added to entice buyers, much in the way limited release 7″s are used to encourage fans to purchase a record in advance from an independent label rather than downloading it illegally.

Cheers to developer Lackner.Buckingham for bringing back the album as a discrete listening experience. The app takes a wonderful idea and executes it seamlessly.



Labour of love


by nv_yvr - Version 1.2 - Dec 22, 2012

I'm not sure if audiences will ever interact with music with the same commitment of time and emotion like in the heyday of vinyl albums once the stereo era began and coincided with a generation revolting against the status quo from politics to fashion and art. Obviously well before our era of hyper-connectivity, omnipresent multi-tasking, and reduced attention spans. This music album as an app is a delightful attempt to rekindle the sense and depth of emotional engagement with a band transported into our time and technology. I have no idea, if this app/album will ever be counted as a big success in the numerical sense. But I sincerely hope it will, because something that is put together with so much charm and caring deserves success. For listeners who prefer their pop music intelligent and catchy, there's a lot of ear candy here. And for singing along, one can fire up karaoke mode inside the app.

Sweden's Finest Pop play with.


by HappyTheMan - Version 1.2 - Jan 5, 2013

What a cool app.! Tons of info, lots of cool stuff if you love AHK. The karaoke option is the coolest part of this experience. I also enjoyed the BIO page where the members of the group slide from side to side.....I'm easily entertained obviously. Also, all the band info from the label's other bands was very informative. All this info could be researched and found on the web, but its neat-o that they took time to make this just for us fans. I love it. It's worth the cost just to support real bands like this. Thanks AHK, thanks.

Works for me


by Ttdtt - Version 1.2 - Dec 23, 2012

Wonderful! Music is very good!



by lerico - Version 1.2 - Dec 22, 2012What a fantastic idea! Really! Why don't more bands do this?

Stunning App!


by Gbhum - Version 1.2 - Dec 17, 2012

Some really amazing features. Why don't more bands do this? Great music, great presentation, I want more of this!

Worth the price


by aquanut - Version 1.1 - Mar 23, 2012

Pros: * Album tracks can be imported into iTunes * Music continues to play in background when switching apps * same price as album alone (or cheaper if you catch the .99 deal like I did) Cons: * music stops when switching views within app

Beautiful app by a beautiful band.


by coolguitarboy - Version 1.0 - Sep 16, 2011

I wish more bands would create experiences like this for fans. Some people complain about the price point. But fans of the band will often pay a ton extra for limited editions of cd's and vinyl releases. It's filled with music, videos, extras, joy and happiness. Labrador also includes info on other artists on their label. Ace.